Why choose SOPORTE10 to maintain and rent your property in Marbella?

SOPORTE10 has been providing assistance to various real estate companies since 1999, in practically all the processes of property management and administration, from the recruitment of a tenant or owner, to the invoicing of any type of real estate operation.

Let’s focus on Property Management and Holiday Rental. SOPORTE10 has also designed all the management protocols for important companies in the area from Marbella to Estepona, and as a direct consequence SOPORTE10 is the model to follow.

  • SOPORTE10 has a unique, tailor-made and self-created software called “Main Sales”, the intellectual property of which is exclusive to SOPORTE10. We do not depend on other companies for these tasks, your private information safe and well located, very few can give you such bank-level security.
  • Direct contact with owners.
  • Direct contact with tenants.
  • Direct contact with property maintenance service suppliers.

We monitor your property, we have a system of image collection that has to be signed before the entry of each tenant, basically we make the tenant aware of how the property was before their stay. This system also help us to evaluate the state of your property, minimizing problems of the lack of operation of the various appliances of the property, condition of furniture, walls and facades etc..

We can also help you to get your property ready, we have a long list of professionals whose main purpose is to leave your property as perfect as possible for the entrance of the owners or guests.

We have a collaborative or team ethic, we can integrate any contact you may have as a reference for your property, such as cleaning staff, pool maintenance, accountants, lawyers, even other maintenance or rental companies.

Simplicity when it comes to managing security deposit for damages, we are governed by local regulations, basically any damage due to misuse of the facilities will be borne by the tenant, if the damage was already there, or an appliance is damaged for reasons beyond the tenant will be borne by the owner.

In short, my advice is always to contact companies specialized in exactly what you are looking for, in this case property management and holiday rental, and in SOPORTE10 we want to be your reference company.

Thank you for your trust to those who already know me, and to those who don’t, my regards Adib C. T. CEO