Holiday Rental and Property Management in Marbella

by SOPORTE10 computing

SOPORTE10 is a company that focuses on providing solutions to real estate agents in the Marbella area. It has unique, tailor-made and self-made software called “Main Sales”, the intellectual property of which is exclusive to SOPORTE10. We scrupulously select our only real estate partner in the area to provide in synergy the best service to your end clients.
We cover the following real estate solutions:

  • Holiday rental and Property Management In Marbella.
  • Property maintenance.
  • Management of computer systems, and creators of the real estate management software “Main Sales”.
  • Office computers maintenance.
  • Computer network installation and management.
  • Internal network security, user management, servers and data backups.
  • Advanced administration of Microsoft/Linux servers or network servers.
  • Advanced Exchange/postfix/email server administration, repair and recovery.
  • Advanced installation/administration of display VideoWall multi-screen solutions or samsung magicinfo servers technology.
  • Remote support and advanced technical advice.

SOPORTE10 has been providing assistance and solutions to various real estate companies since 1999 in Marbella. We have also designed all the holiday rental and property management systems and protocols for major companies in the area from Marbella to Estepona, and as a direct consequence SOPORTE10 is an example for many to follow.