For a good computer data maintenance:

It is necessary to make security copies and maintenance of our data every certain time, for it we have to consider these parameters:

 -Which programs contain information?

Mail programs:

Here what we will do is to export or to copy the files of these programs, for example in Microsoft Office Outlook we will look for in the hard disk files of type "PST" to copy them, and if you use the Outlook express use this link.

Accounting programs:

We will copy all the content of the directories of these programs, also some of them offer the possibility to do backup by themselves.

Other Programs:

The same as the previous one, just copy entire directory.

Programs with internal databases:

We will access the control panel and export the databases, some of DB also are a directory, just copy also.

Browser digital certificates or others.

We will access to the control panel and we will export the certificates completely, one by one.
-Where is our other data in windows?

In "My documents"

It is simple to copy the entire contents of this folder.

In "My desktop":

The same as above.

Other locations:

For example units or folders that we have data created by ourselves:

-What programs I could use for backups?

Good good question, we could choose those that come from factory in the equipment, for example in Windows we will go to:

HOME\PROGRAMS\SYSTEM TOOLS\BACKUPS", or just searsh in windows "Backup" then follow the instructions.

On the other hand, there are professional programs such as VERITAS BACKUP, or ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE.

Or use NAS like SYNOLOGY, go to this link (Recomended)

-Where do I put all the data?

To carry out all this process, the idea is to acquire an external unit (another hard disk) that we could buy in Internet or in the computer shop at the corner of your street, etc.., then we connect the unit to the computer and we will proceed to backup. Some providers offer us on-line backups, in my opinion they are very slow if we have a lot of data.